Day 9 of the 35 Days of Julie’s Birthday

Well, it started out great… freezing cold and buried in blankets. There’s Vince Vitrano and crew on the morning news talking about today being the start of meteorological fall and I’m burrowed. At least it’s finally September and the cooler temps feel more appropriate. Fear of my We-Energies bill is increasing as today’s news is full of Farmer’s Almanac tidbits about the insane bitter cold we can expect this winter. Oh, and lots of snow.

So, in overcoming psychologically chilled bones, I’m instead prepping for the start of my semester tomorrow and finally sent out the invitation to the skate party, appropriately titled “Rollin’ with my Homies” (giving a nod to Clueless, easily one of the cutest movies of all time.)

It’s funny though, because the minute I plan a local event, I itch to get out of town. There’s the Hawkeye game in October in Madison, of course; Kim’s graduation celebration in the same month; and both of those are easy little road trips, but suddenly, I’m dying to book a flight somewhere, but my Visa card says I can only afford the short Milwaukee-Chicago commute.

Perhaps I’ll get to Michigan yet in the DOJB events and maybe Boston some weekend this fall. That may satisfy. 😉
Day 9, however, includes new cameras for my TV work today (I was, well, kind of ready for my close-up), party planning, warm clothes shopping and Brewers tonight. 🙂 Well, not in person… yet. Who knows what tickets may materialize?


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