18518162_10100484283025513_3790758042586732567_oHey there, I’m a writer.

Also, I’m a feminist, activist, outdoor advocate, animal lover, chocolate shake lover, reader, watcher, talker, actor, speaker, worker, writer, urban adventurer, hustler, involved, passionate, excited, ready.

More simply, a marketing director making her mark.

A past in PR, a former academic, a pitbull advocate and volunteer, I’m making the most of an education in sociology and communication to observe and report.

And, I write in other places too. I’ve been a writer in residence, a community columnist, an invited blogger and the best pen pal ever.

I’ve taught for more than 20 years at university and as a consultant and love helping people get better at observing, reporting, presenting and persuading.

The next adventure is the book(s). There are a few in the hopper, some further than others, but soon, you’ll be seeing links to excerpts and shorter publications.

Stay tuned and enjoy my adventures!

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