Weekend 1 of the 35 Days of Julie’s Birthday

So, it began with the Caggio Gallery’s Brady Street Photo Festival opening.
Ah, yes, my first gallery opening. It was stunning.
Drinks at the Roman Coin with the posse (who I thank profusely for joining Tina and I out for our event. I used to think I was “kind of a big deal” until I realized how many people came to support us! Now I know it! Thank you!)
And, upon walking into the gallery and seeing my photo wasn’t hung in the toilet as I’d suspected my earlier jousting with the show organizer would have prompted, I find instead it has already sold! The first sale of the show! And, I checked back later in the weekend and it’s still the only sale of the show. How do you like them apples, eh?
My cousin Cheri came to town to visit her best friend, Marty, and made a midday stop at my place and we had lunch and talked ourselves senseless and then checked out my work in the gallery. All kinds of family stories and histories were shared and of course, some spying via facebook (where I’m connected to our family members, but Cheri’s not FB’ing yet).
It’s nice to talk about my mom too, and Cheri knew her best, so lovely insights were shared there, too.
Sunday included an early coffee and paper delivery from a great friend who has come into the slight habit of getting off a long shift at 8 a.m. and stopping by my house to wind down. Leftovers from lunch made a delicious breakfast. 🙂
Ended the weekend with a hike in the Kettle Moraine National Forest. I’ve never been and it was a gorgeous drive and fantastic place. Definitely need to camp there, too!
Also, today, I commited to the party invitations to actually create the skating party for day 27 of the 35 DOJB. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂 Watch for invites to come!
So, I’m still not entirely worn out from the daily celebrating, but today’s celebrating (which was supposed to be lunch with Loomi, but that ran amuck) will be lower key. School starts up again this week, however, so party on!

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