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I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written, but it’s not that I’ve been at a loss for things to say, just at a loss for WHICH to say first.

Sunday writing routines have allowed me to script all sorts of juicy nuggets and competition pieces, free paragraphs, web content offerings and more. And I just surf and surf looking for more to say, or, rather, more people to say it to.

The people watching in Milwaukee is outstanding, especially in Tosa. I don’t understand why I love the most crowded Alterra coffee shop in order to sit privately, ipod attached, netbook running, facing outward and ignoring all of the crowd to write. I think the bustle and noise of people around me inspire me. Who knows. I just know I love the novelty of it more than writing at home on the porch. Oh, yeah, free wi-fi… I don’t have that at home.

I need to be reinvested in the blog, however, as I’m dedicated now more than ever, to Penelope Trunk and her blog She’s married the elusive farmer this weekend, much to my dismay. I really had hoped to capture him for myself; as a former 4-Her not adverse to the farm life, when they split, I figured I could replace the New Yorker in a heartbeat. Alas, they’ve reconciled.

I used the blog she wrote on her miscarriage in class to talk about the metanarratives of media and I don’t know if my students understood it or were simply offended. I was offended at her interview with the sexy Rick Sanchez of CNN (or is it Headline News? They’re all the same these days). He called her little lady, I think, and patronized her until the end of the interview. None of my students caught that. They only heard her talk frankly about miscarriage and were offended. Offended at a natural occurence, but not at the very unnatural minimizing of her female-ness. Huh, maybe Sanchez’ patronizing *was* natural to them. Sigh.

So, in trying to stay in academia just enough (toes in the water, you know) I keep proposing cool research angles for NCA. I was eager to write about the PR angle of the Octomom last year, but the powers that be (and dictate NCA) weren’t having it. This year, Karen’s skillful coordination landed us a slot on the roster and now I’m writing on Trunk’s blog and its importance. I’m excited to say my piece about the nature of blogs and the nature of working women and business themes in the seemingly less than professional space of the blogosphere. But mostly it’s my infatuation with her and her Madison life that feels so close. I tried to book her for AAUW as a speaker, pitching to her manager that it’s an hour away and a free lunch. For that, he cut me a deal, half off her fee–$6,000. Really? Six grand to drive to Milwaukee and show off to some retired, educated women while having lunch on us? Six grand for five hours of work (counting an hour drive each way)? I need that gig.

Hence, I’m back to blogging. I need writing inspiration to get the novel done, I need to keep floating in this world to keep the paper moving ahead for November presentation and I need to vent here to keep honing the chops, I guess.

We’ll see. Mostly I need to abuse the free wi-fi as often as possible and dream job hunting across the U.S. has grown daunting today, so I went back to the job I’ve already assigned myself–freelance writer. Feels good to report to work.


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