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Learning to Learn

As part of my work duties, I was sent to photograph our representatives at the local 4th Street Forum panel debate. The debate is filmed and later broadcast on public television. Locally, it’s a pretty recognized event and on this day, the topic was one of a series on education. I was asked three times…

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Work is Taxing

Writer’s block is easily cured with a second cup of coffee, I’ve learned. Clearly, caffeine strokes the ego of my neurons just like they like and I’m again full of things to say. This week I’ve been thinking about work. The concept of work in general, not my work in particular. I love my work,…

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Return to CyberSpace

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written, but it’s not that I’ve been at a loss for things to say, just at a loss for WHICH to say first. Sunday writing routines have allowed me to script all sorts of juicy nuggets and competition pieces, free paragraphs, web content offerings and more.…

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