On being resolute, not making resolutions

As a PR person, I know the story. “How many resolutions fail by February?” It’s the headline everywhere this morning. Pair it with “and that’s why you should buy this helpful product/enroll in this course/start your workout program this way/write it all down to help you be more successful” and on and on.

I had a pretty great 2017. We’re proud of how we live our life. We have wide-ranging and far-reaching friend groups and all year get random chances to be with each of them. We are offered hilarious activities we’ve made ourselves regulars for. We have a good home life filled with cooking experiments, pets and playing gin at the breakfast table. We have a roster of regular TV shows we get excited to snuggle in and watch, we have our normal disputes over who should do the laundry or empty the trash.

In sum, it feels like we’re doing it right.

So why would I create a punch list of things I resolve to do in 2018? Why must I believe something I am doing needs improvement or needs to be done better?

Training the dogs, helping them autograph the calendars they starred in, biking our Christmas tree home, dressing up for fall weddings, riding in a 24-hour bike race, celebrating four years in our home and new tattoos–we had a full year.

My friend Tricia runs a Nap Ministry. Her message is about resisting the ethos of nonstop effort, wearing ourselves weary with achievement. Rejecting that grind. Stopping, resting, reveling in who you are and what you’ve got is a big part of what she’s teaching people.

Some of what she’s saying feels like a call to be resolute, not make resolutions.

Be firm in who you are. Measure you by you. Trust your body and your health and resolutely deny the temptation to compete, grind, wear yourself weary showing others you can. It’s a Pinterest meme, a quotable quote, a cross-stitched pillow: You be you.

So this year I will be resolute. I will be resolute in my approach to my life. I will be resolute in monitoring my feelings and emotions so I continue to see positive, fun, hilarious moments everywhere. This year, I’ll be resolute in recognizing my skills and putting them to use and I’ll continue to do what I’ve been doing.

Happy New Year!.png

It’s not about the extra cards and letters I can send. Or the ten-twenty-thirty (ish?) pounds I could lose. Or even the longer list of books I should be reading. It’s about sustaining an attitude that helps you be satisfied with what you did or didn’t do. It’s about knowing what makes you happy and then being happy. Be firm, be you.

Be resolute in knowing you’re enough.

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