Day 5 of the 35 DOJB

Ok, I’m exhausted already but I refuse to suggest it’s simply because I’ve decided to celebrate for five days in a row! In fact, some of my celebrating is really a stretch (art show Monday was really a work event…c’mon now!).

Last night, my normal buckle down, watch television that really no one “must see” but I’ve been brainwashed into believing it ever since the Cosby Show aired on Thursdays, and drink copious amounts of wine was slightly derailed. Typically? I begin the phenomenon known as “insanely lucid texting of ideas I always have but never have the impetus to distribute” and end up chatting all evening from the couch to multiple friends and boyfriends. Frankly, I feel like I’m creating a little virtual party from my couch and I don’t even have to dress up.

I didn’t derail because of lack of wine (never!) because I actually started the evening with an insane grocery trip, prepping for weekend feasting and guests, so I picked up a bottle(s). I also chose, on a Thursday night (school night, really) to begin baking bread (also for said weekend guests). This is normally only holiday fair in my family and the smells and process are truly better suited for less humid times. Yet, at nearly 7 in the evening, I start the multi-hour process. Do I need to mention that by 8:30, when I had to wrap up round one of bread making by beating down the dough for the first of two times, I was already tipsy, tired and bored of my plan?

Though I finished the bread (by 2 a.m.) and even did a better-than-half-assed job of cleaning up after myself, AND managed to do some significant texting… I was exhausted. I nearly fell asleep with the oven on, caramel rolls leaking and scorching its insides, smoke alarms threatening to blow.

My friends have teased me that my 35 Days of Julie’s Birthday are funny and I’m not going to make it. Maybe I won’t! Tonight, more of day 5 (because the baking spanned two days within the plan) ensues with the gallery opening, happy hour and a post-opening event.
Of course, up and at ’em super early tomorrow to finish tidying the wreckage the baking created so I can host my guests.

Sunday (Day 7) promises a day of rest: I’m totally suggesting I can celebrate for six days “and on the 7th, rest.” (An old Rain Merchants’ tune). Sure, I have to see a friend in the morning and more “must see” television of the pay cable variety in the evening, but the bottom line is…I can totally handle this event I’ve created, this birthday marathon. Don’t even dare me not to!

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