The 35 Days of Julie’s Birthday

Well, I’m a couple of days behind, but this Monday (how wonderful that 35 days from my 35th birthday happened to be a Monday) I started the countdown to my “scary age.”

So far, it’s been an experiment in seeing how much celebrating I can squeeze in.
Monday (day 1) I went to an art opening (granted, I’m cheating a bit because it was part of work), Tuesday (day 2) I went to a great Brewers game where I not only sampled seating in every section of Miller Park, but I was able to witness free baseball! The game went into extra innings, though of course, we still lost.

Day 3 included a blind date (that went remarkably well) and a training class for work–so I’m counting that as celebrating, by the way, because it was one more step toward another listed education item on my resume (Public Administration).

Day 4 is starting slow, I regret to admit, though it’s slightly remarkable because the heat is on and it’s August. It also includes more editing work (which I hate… odd that I took a job with a large broadcasting component but HATE to watch myself on TV) and tonight will include baking and cleaning to prepare for my cousin’s visit on Saturday. Baking is a celebration, right? Just read Like Water for Chocolate if you don’t believe me!

Day 5 promises fireworks with my first gallery show opening ever! And given the tenuous relationship I have with the organizer of the show, who knows where my photo will be hanging when we get to the gallery (the bathroom? hmmm… stay tuned!).

So, follow along as I try to find the celebrating (or make the celebrating–you know us dramatic Libras!) that leads to my birthday. Surely the really obvious lesson in this is that every day’s a celebration but I’m about to be too old to still be that cheesy. In a mere month, the wisdom will soon pour from me… or some such…

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